Cushwa Brewing Company

Light Fare

Light Fare

Pretzels. Mustard 

Martin’s Pretzel Bakery’s hand-rolled hard pretzels served with mustard dip.  You think only soft pretzels should be dipped?  Shame on you!  Anything is good when dipped.  


Meat & Cheese 

This is a meat and cheese plate, just like it says.  Local Palmyra Cheese from the farm’s too-many-to-list-here-award-winning cows.  Meat from Weaver’s of Wellsville’s tried and true recipe since 1889.  Two flavors of meat, two flavors of cheese.  Served with dipping mustard, because of course.


Sonia’s Homemade Hummus 

Have you tried Sonia’s hummus? You really should.  She loves you and wouldn’t serve you just any ol’ hummus. Choose from original and/or whatever flavor Sonia felt like making this week.  (They’re all good!)  Served with salted pita chips and a smile.